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Skiers, snowboarders and ski area operators have responsibilities and legal duties to prevent ski accidents – Colorado ski lawyers provide a review of ski law, ski cases and ski injury claims.



If you have been injured in a ski or snowboard accident, you deserve to know your legal rights. Most ski states have passed ski safety acts – ski law is unique to the state. Since each state has a different set ski laws, the ski injury claims available to an injured skier or snowboarder vary with the location of the ski accident. However, the law makes no distinction between ski law and snowboarding law.

This website provides information on significant ski accident cases and ski injury claims arising from skier collisions, ski lift accidents, ski area negligence and wrongful death claims. Many of these ski accidents provide the case law which governs injury claims arising in a particular state. Other ski accident cases demonstrate the application of ski law, typically set out as a ski safety act, or recognized case law involving ski accidents. An experienced ski lawyer is needed to effectively pursue ski injury claims following a ski accident.

Each ski accident is unique, but most fall into a category such as skier collisions, ski lift accidents or ski resort negligence. A detailed description of the common types of ski accidents is provided at

Our ski lawyers have published extensively in the area of ski law and a list of pertinent ski law articles is provided. Many of the articles provide a national overview of ski and avalanche law. Most of these articles have been published by legal journals or presented at professional seminars. Since most ski accident claims are governed by state law, a survey with current ski law for each state is also provided.

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If you have been injured in a ski accident or while skiing or snowboarding anywhere in the United States, then the information provided here can help explain your rights.

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